Saturday, February 18, 2006

Yesterday was so windy, I didn't dare go outside. I could of gotten blown away like all of the snowflakes out there. Plus my fur would get all ruffly. But I made up for it today. I caught a big blue bird with a black mouth. Mommy says it's called a "Blue J". It didn't look like a J to me though. I thought Mommy might like it in her room, because it was pretty and blue like the bed in there. But the older Mommy said "Don't let him in until he gets rid of that thing," and Mommy said "Don't worry, I won't." So I had to throw my bird off the ledge under the door before Mommy let me inside.

Right after my last post, our warm spell ended. We had a lot of snow for a little while.It left, then came back, and now it's melted again. I hope it's warm again soon.

Sunday, February 05, 2006


To all you kitties suffering in the cold when you go outside this winter, I say "Ha, ha." A rarity this winter in southern Ontario, we've had practically no snow since around Cristmas. Not only that, but February 2 was an incredibly warm day. Like mid-spring warm. It's snowing again today, but not much. But there is snow where Mommy's going skiing on Thursday. She says she going with school (that place where she does her homework). School confuses me, one day they force he to write stuff all night and ignore me and complain about too much homework, the they ship her off to slide down a hill on sticks for a day. Which also doesn't involve me. Hmm...

Speaking of homework, I think Mommy's getting some sort of promotion. She's been excited that later this year she'll be going to high school instead of just school. An executive position maybe? Way too much responsibility for a 13-year-old human. She says she'll have even more homework, which neither of us are looking forward to. But she she'll be going to school with her friends. That probably means her nice friends will be over more to pet me. I just hope that one that picks me up funny doesn't come as much. An arm jabbed into your stomach isn't as comfortable as you'd think.