Friday, November 25, 2005

More Turkey!

Everybodys talking about how good their turkey was! Well I'm getting fed up. I haven't gotten any turkey since October. That's Thanksgiving in Canada. Why can't we all have both Thanksgivings? There would be a lot more thanks, and a lot less claws. Oh well. Mommy says if I wait 'till Christmas, I'll get more turkey!

Okay, now I see why Mommy wants me inside. It's snowy and cold out there! I went out this morning, and I didn't come in when Mommy called. When I realized how cold it was, I tried ti did into the house through some cement at the bottom of the downstairs window. Mommy let me in before she went to the homework place. By the way, she had no homework AGAIN! She shouldn't leave me if she doesn't have to!

By the way, I learned that you can't dig through cement.

I've had a really bad day.

(By the way, Scarlet has a blog now. Check it out at )

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Aww. Isn't he cute? And he has such good taste in food! (He's at the bottom of the page)

My Friend

I have a friend. I don't know is name, or where he lives, or if he even lives anywhere for that matter. I hardly know anything about him. I do know that he doesn't have a collar. He is black and white and a little chubby. He plays with me some nights, then tries to come back in with me. Then Mommy sits there watching him, and asks her mom that if we ever find out he doesn't live anywhere if we could keep him. I can tell she really wants to. She has a name picked out and everything. I hope we can one day.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Today I climbed a tree really high. I saw Mommy look at me through the window. I shouted "Hey Mommy! Look at me! I'm really high up on a thin branch and I'm not even scared!" Then I guess Mommy didn't understand me 'cause she said "Aww, poor baby." (she calls me baby) then let me inside. She didn't even say how brave I was.

I might not be able to comment on you poodin's blogs. When I try to click the link It make my computer screen freeze. Sorry!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Snow and Cold

Well, I was still here last time it snowed, but I wasn't allowed out yet. Snow is weird and bad. We only had a little, and it's gone. But mommy says we'll get more and then I can't go out 'cause mommy doesn't want be crawling into car engines for warmth 'case she heard og cats dying like that. That's fine for Scarlet, she doesn't like the cold as it is and hardly goes out. But I can't handle staying in for THREE MONTHS!!!
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Mommy put on my Christmas jingle collar. It has jingly bells on it. It's a lot of fun but a little tight. Right now I'm sleepin' down here, I'm really tired. Mommy has to use the computer for her home work now, so I'm gonna go sleep some more. I have to show mommy that is the only reason I should be inside.
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