Monday, October 17, 2005

My Story

Well, nothing of importance happened today. I know your all wondering how this adorable little boy came to live with his Mommy. So I'll tell you how mommy got me. Also, Mommy's mommy doesn't like it when I call her the Short Lady. She will now be called the Mother until I think of something better.

Mommy went to a pet store when she just got back from a Nova Scotia trip. I think she was getting some cat food. She already had Scarlet then and Dusty was still alive (she got put down about a week after this). So the Mother went to look for the food and Mommy noticed that the pet store had kittens at the time. It's a smaller pet store. It never has dogs and only has cats once in a while. Mostly yummy-looking creatures and ugly lizards and things that pinch you. But Mommy always has to look at the kittens. There were four of us, but my people noticed something strange: the others were orange but I was grey, black and orange like Scarlet. They asked the pet store lady and she told them about my scary time.

You see, one second I'm in a nice home with my cat-mommy. Then my first people-mommy picks me up and puts me in a metal creature with her and we drive away. I don't know what's going on but then she leaved me in a parking lot with lots of big metal creatures. I was really scared out there. Then the pet store lady saw me and put me with my orange friends.

When my people heard this, they had to buy me. but they had a hard time getting me home. They put me in another metal creature and I just knew I was leaving my orange friends to go to another parking lot. But Mommy took me straight home. I was afraid of the outside for a while. I ran away from the door while Scarlet ran to it. And while we're talking about Scarlet, she was already a lot bigger than me back then. Now I'm bigger! But when Scarlet had Dusty as her friend she was sa bully and would just come up and push me over. Now I trust my Mommy and Scarlet is nice and I love them more than anything.

That is my story.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

I am Alive

Yes, I am still alive. I haven't been on my blog due to a little bit of computer trouble, and a lot of my mommy being to lazy to get off her but and turn on the computer for me (I just can't figure that thing out). But she finally did, and I'm still her.

The InuYasha is currently old news. It's a picture-box show. I'm not going into detail, but I will say it involved a woofie-man. And, no, I don't mean a werewoofie. But now mommy likes a picture-box show called Fullmetal Alchemist. I saw it. It's really strange. I don't understand why people watch shows about guys with metal arms when they could be outside catching a mouse.