Thursday, September 15, 2005


There used to be a little yippy dog next door. Her name was Lily. She was some kinda thing called a Shitzoo or something.Lily was very small, even smaller than me. Mommy would always say to me "Levi, don't be afraid of her you stupid cat. She's smaller than you! She never getting any bigger! And besides, she only wants to play. Lily likes cats." A dog liking cates!?! It just doesn't happen.She wants me dead,I just know it. Well she may be smaller but she smells scary. And smelly. and dog-like. She was a scary, smelly, dog-like dog. And I didn't like it. But now she's gone, and I'm happy.

I miss her. I liked teasing her. Sitting just close enough to her that she thinks she can get me to play, but just far enough away that her dog-holder makes her stop. I don't like her gone and I want her back. Now.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Mommy went to school today again. I heard this and I was gonna scratch her then and there because of what happened yesterday. But she did do some homework today. She brought some work home with her. Human work is real weird. It involves black and red box pictures. What do you gain from that? A nice tasty mouse? I don't think so. Humans are just pointless. Why do they do these things?

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

School and Discovery of the Spinny Monsters

Mommy went back to school for homework today. I missed her real bad. But when she came home she said she didn't have any homework. So let me tell you this, Mommy. You leave me in the real hot house all day. I don't even have you for pettin's or snuggling. You tell me that your going to school. That's the place where you do your homework job. You come home from school an' all of a sudden you say you had no homework. Well, you can't just walk off to the school building whenever you want. because then I'm all alone with scarlet an' if you try to pounce that girl she swipes at you an' scratches your face. An' none o' this is very fair to me. So next time you go of to your school you better have done some homework.

Update on the InuYasha: I didn't see it. Mommy was upset last night because it was switched to a time so late that she just can't see it except Fridays. She didn't get the movie because Short Lady forgot to go an' see how many monies it costed. An' I'm no closer to finding 0ut what it is.

But there are things more important than an InuYasha. An' Moses will be very happy to hear this. As I said, Mommy left me alone today. An' as I also said, it was hot. I did two things. I tried to eat the blue betta. We have three. The blue one is downstars in a easy-to-push tank. I spilled lotsa water and got yelled at. But the really important thing is that I decided to Investigate the Spinny Monsters. So I when into momy's room where the quieter one is. An' I hopped up onto Mommy's bed. An' that was not a good idea because the Spinny Monster found me right there. It looked right at me an' started to turn it's head again. But it would always look back at me an' then in would breathe on me a bit. But those Spinny Monsters got windy, cool breath. An' all int did was turn it's spinny head an' breathe.The spinny monster just wanted to keep me cool in this hot, hot house. I think it still turned beacause it was looking for Scarlet. But that stupid cat stayed outside in the stupid heat all day.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Labour Day

I'm not sure whats the big deal about this labour day. Moses was saying in his blog that his humans were at home all day. Well Mommy was at home, but she doesnt work in the summer. She has a job called homework for the rest of the year in a place called school. And the short lady went to work at the nursey home like she does on most days. So it's just me, Mommy and Scarlet. An' it's just like a normal boring day. Which is fine with me. More sleep.

Mommy was talking about the InuYasha again. It's only gonna be once tonight, so I have to make sure I find out what it is. I only know she has two movies of the InuYasha, and she might get another one tomorrow. This is weird. Mommy really likes this InuYasha, but it's just too strange.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

A fly got in the house yesterday. It annoyed me. Flys are boring. They aren't for pro hunters like me. But Scarlet was chasing it! I was so embarassed that I worship this cat (but who else can I worship 'round here?). And when she couldn'y even catch that, I decided to show her how it was done. I caught that thing as soon as I went after it and it was pretty darn good. Not as good as a big mouse though. Anyways, The humans seemed pretty happy with that and said I was a "good boy". Usualy when I'm a good boy, I get treats. I didn't see any treats for the fly. People are stupid. Just because I ate the fly, doesn'y mean I would rater not have treats.

Mommy seemed pretty happy late last night. Something about an InuYasha doing something twice. I'm supposed to report to Scarlet about whats happening in the house. But I don't know what an InuYasha is. Why can't the humans just explain things? As I said earlier, people are stupid.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Flys are yummy.

Spinny Monster

I walked into the shory lady's room and found one of those spinny monsters. It was moving it's head from side to side just like moseskitty said in his blog. This one's looking for me. But when I went to hide in mommy's room, I found another one. I don't know why they want me. I don't own this house. But they're looking for me and I don't like it.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

My Rambling Starts

I'm Levi. I'm a grey cat with black stripes And a bit of white somewhere. I have three fish. I live with another cat named Scarlet, who I worship. She owns two humans. They are my 13-year-old mommy, and the short lady who is mommy's mommy. They have no purpose on this eart but to serve us. Let us outside, let us inside, and feed us whenever we want. But for some demented reason, they think they own me. Well they don't. Scarlet does. She owns them too.